There are so many resources at JHU, and it can be really tough to sort out who can help, and to what extent.

Homewood grad students/postdoctoral fellows have both internal (to their program) and external (outside program) resources to help address a variety of concerns.

If you make an appointment to consult with your Office of Graduate/Postdoctoral Affairs; you can expect:

  1. to receive information about our privacy policy;
  2. to understand if/when/how we would be obligated to report what you share in an official way (such as Title IX, threat to self or others, etc.);
  3. that if we do have to report what you’ve shared with anyone else or intervene directly that we would always let you know first and would talk you through the possible ramifications and support resources in place;
  4. have your permission asked before we intervene or act on your behalf on any issue on which we are not required to report as mandatory reporters;
  5. to have as much privacy, sensitivity, and transparency in the process as possible.

Resources for Conflict/Issue Resolution

This is a starter guide and a first draft. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions! We are planning to expand this into a more interactive format soon.

  • Internal (to program)
    • Advisor (private, not confidential, mandatory reporter)
    • Chair/Head (private, not confidential, mandatory reporter)
    • Academic Staff Member (private, not confidential, mandatory reporter)
    • Administrative Manager (private, not confidential, mandatory reporter)
    • Director of Graduate Study (private, not confidential, mandatory reporter)
  • External (to program)