Eligibility and Classifications

The following information is for Graduate Visiting Students (coursework only)/Visiting Graduate Scholars (research only) who already have their bachelor’s degree but have not yet obtained their PhD.

KSAS and WSE Homewood alumni (from either an undergraduate or graduate degree) who wish to take classes in the summer after they graduate (or beyond) fall under category #1 or #2 below and should go through the Visiting Graduate Student application and enrollment process. Please see the Graduate Admissions site for instructions on how to apply. Programs reserve the right to either deny or grant permission of admission, as well as to waive or require application requirements.

If an invited visiting researcher has already obtained their PhD, and is coming for research, they most likely need to be processed as a short-term appointed Visiting Scholar, which requires an appointment from either the KSAS or WSE Dean’s Office. Do not use the Visiting Graduate Student/Visiting Graduate Scholar process or policy for these types of visitors.

Current high school or undergraduate students should visit the admissions website for your visiting student application process. Questions about the undergraduate visiting student process can also be directed to Janice Heitsenrether.

Categories of Visiting Graduates

  • Visiting Graduate Student: Primarily here for coursework
  • Visiting Graduate Scholar: Primarily here for research

The application and processing for either category is the same.

All visiting graduate students/visiting graduate scholars must register in every semester for at least the visiting student course (AS/EN 990.890 ‘Graduate Research Practicum’); there is no tuition charge for this course.

A Graduate Visiting Student/Graduate Visiting Scholar falls into one of two categories:

  1. Registered in a full-time graduate program at a college or university (other than Johns Hopkins University) during the normal academic year, excluding summer and is taking courses (maximum two consecutive semesters*) or conducting research (paid/unpaid) in one of the KSAS or WSE academic departments (or research centers).
  2. A graduate student who has followed his/her advisor to Hopkins in order to finish his/her degree requirements at a home institution and is conducting research in one of the KSAS or WSE academic departments (or research centers). This student may be eligible to take courses (maximum two consecutive semesters*).

A Graduate Visiting Student/Graduate Visiting Scholar is not:

  1. A student who is enrolled in a Johns Hopkins University degree or certificate program.
  2. A person who has their bachelor’s degree but is not enrolled at another institution and wishes to take courses at Homewood (KSAS and WSE only) for a maximum of two consecutive semesters.* (for course exception see #7). This type of student should be processed through the  graduate visiting student/graduate visiting scholar  process but is technically  a ‘visiting non-degree learner ‘ and all references to this student type should  be labeled as such (letters, etc.)
  3. A student who wishes to enroll in Summer and Intersession Programs.
  4. A person who is not enrolled at another institution and wishes to do paid research on the Homewood Campus. This person needs to go through Human Resources (JHUJobs).
  5. Someone who wishes to perform unpaid work for no credit.
  6. A high school student, undergraduate student or graduate student in an articulated program (i.e., a program with its own application process). For students who are to be paid through an articulated program, please refer to your hosting department for more information.
  7. A current high school, undergraduate or graduate student doing non-academic/non-research work in an academic or non-academic unit. This person needs to go through Human Resources (JHUJobs).
  8. Someone looking to enroll in any courses required for medical school. This can only be accomplished by being admitted to the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program.
  9. A person doing research at someplace other than the Homewood campus or at division of the university that is not KSAS or WSE (ex. Medical School).
  10. Student who is here on exchange through the Study Abroad Office.
  11. A guest of the university – someone who is here for a very brief period of time (conference, for example). While at Johns Hopkins University, he/she has no independent access to the campus and is fully supervised by a faculty member.

Note: *The two consecutive semester enrollment policy excludes the Research Practicum course.