Living Off-Campus as a Graduate Student

Johns Hopkins University does not offer graduate student housing. Prior to or upon arrival, graduate students need to secure their own independent housing.

The Baltimore City neighborhood immediately surrounding the Homewood campus is called Charles Village. There are lots of other proximal areas in which students may consider living: Hampden, Waverly, Roland Park, Guilford, Remington, Mt. Vernon, and others. Johns Hopkins does run a free shuttle service to a few of these neighborhoods.

Off-Campus Housing

Incoming graduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering who need housing accommodations while looking for a place to live can contact the Off-Campus Housing Office to obtain information about living in Baltimore. In addition, the Transitional Graduate Housing Program allows students to stay on campus between June and the end of July. This program has very limited availability so students should contact the office for additional information.

Extensive housing information, rental listings are posted on the Off-Campus Housing Office website. The office can be reached at or 410-516-7961.

Housing resources for Johns Hopkins University graduate students:

  1.  Attorney General’s Office Guide : Landlords and Tenants
  2. Baltimore Housing Authority
  3. Baltimore Craigslist
  4. BaltimoreCollegetown
  5. A Self-help Guide to Fair Housing in the City of Baltimore