It is the University’s policy that Johns Hopkins will recognize dissertation research and subsequent dissertation submission for the purposes of a degree from Johns Hopkins alone. It will sign no agreement that supports the concept of a student submitting the same work to different universities to receive two distinct degrees.

The University, however, wants to promote international exchange and in this spirit the Graduate Board has agreed to accommodate students with a desire to include faculty from a foreign university to participate in their research and defense process. Upon submission and review of a current curriculum vita, the Homewood Graduate Board will allow one advisor to be a faculty member of the foreign university and in certain cases (with additional review of the Doctor of Philosophy Board) will allow the committee to be expanded to include other faculty from the foreign university as long as the majority represent Johns Hopkins. The university will provide no funds to cover expenses. Funding for travel would be up to the department or the foreign university.

This policy follows a 1999 decision by the Homewood Graduate Board. It was agreed that given the nature of the international these de doctorat and the assumption that the student will engage in further academic training that the international degree was not equivalent to the Ph.D. granted by Johns Hopkins University. Therefore, the two degrees cannot be legitimately linked.

It been the practice of the Homewood Graduate Board that all proposed co-tutelle agreements be submitted for review to both the Homewood Graduate Board, and upon its approval, to the Doctor of Philosophy Board.