J-1 Postdocs: J-1 postdocs may only be employed in a position on the Johns Hopkins campus for which their DS-2019 was issued.  Any potential change in employment must be approved by OISSS prior to the commencement of the new employment and, in many cases, a new DS-2019 must be obtained.

J-1 postdocs may receive permission to receive payment for an occasional lecture at another educational institution.  This permission must be obtained from OISSS and must be received prior the lecture; we cannot backdate an approval.  Advisors in OISSS can assist with this process.

F-1 Postdocs: F-1 postdocs who are on an initial period of OPT may be employed in any position which relates to the degree for which OPT was recommended.  Post-docs who are employed under the terms of a STEM extension may only work for employers who participate in the government’s E-Verify system.

Maximum Lengths of Employment

Postdocs in J-1 status may hold that status, and thus employment, for a maximum of 5 years.  OPT for F-1 status is limited to one year for holders of non-STEM degrees.  If certain requirements are met, OPT for those with STEM degrees may be extended for an additional 17 months.